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growing tomatoes

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first attempt at growing tomatoes... got a grow bag and all looks great... plenty of growth and flowers... but not a tomato to be seen... can you help



they need tomato feed to fruit and good steady temp .min of 60f

13 Jul, 2008


Sorry but I disagree with the above answer as far as feeding the plant – You don’t feed the plant until the fruit starts to show – you never said when you planted the tomato – it looks young so be patient – the suckers or side shoots should be removed from the main plant – (you can place these in a glass of water and when roots start to show plant it) – and you have another tomato plant – on your plants I suggest you stop the plant after 4 trusses are formed – you can allow more if you like but I have found this just puts strain on the plant and you get small fruits. When the flower is open just tap the stem sharply with your finger this helps with fertilization on the flowers. When tomato start to show water every other day with tomato food keep plants watered then - not to much this will stop any end rot on the fruit and stop it splitting if you get end rot remove the effected fruit and bin it.

13 Jul, 2008

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