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I have been given a sunflower to look after for a few days, it was about a foot and half tall, not flowering yet. It was healthy looking when I got it but now the lower leaves are drooping. It doesn't need watering, the pot is heavy. The owner said it should be kept indoors. I kept it at my garage window on the first day thinking there would be enough light, it was after that it started to droop. Has it been too cold / dark in the garage. Is it likely to improve, I now have it at my kitchen window which will be warmer and there is more light.



like marguerite says they need sunlight. put it in the sunniest place you have. if you have sunny patio that would be good? more sun the better but be on guard for snails. i also have never heard of growing them indoors, maybe owner is trying to protect from snails?

10 Jul, 2008


Hi M4rk78
If I were a sunflower in the UK at the moment I thinkI would be loosing more than my leaves !!!!!!
Like Hedgehog says put it outside in the 'sunniest ' place of your garden.
What size pot is it in ? It may be root bound and also hungary If it is 45 cm pot then should be in at least a 20 to 25 cm pot but really it will be best planted in the open ground
If moving outside does not work then put it on a plane to Margurite down under as even in her winter she should have the weather for it !!!!

10 Jul, 2008


thanks very much guys. You reckon outside then? I live in Scotland so we're not having sunshine, even in July. It's alittle windy and is raining. I'm a bit worried, I am looking after this for only a few days while the little girl next door is on holiday, back tomorrow and her plant looks a bit worse for wear.

You reckon outside? The very top looks ok, it's about half way down the leaves have totally drooped. I'm sure my neighbour had said he had been keeping it indoors. :(

thanks for your feedback people, appreciate it.

10 Jul, 2008


so thats why its been indoors. Its a childs little project no wonder you are so worried. im in scotland too yeah we are having a washout of a summer. If you have a sunny window sill should be ok till she gets back mark. If shes back tomorrow it will be ok till then. dont want it to get a shock out in this wind and rain! If the top is ok then its fine.

11 Jul, 2008

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