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I have a very small garden but would like to plant flowers in pots perrenials if possible which plants would be most suitable I get the sun from morning until 4pm



Hi June, I have a fairly big garden, but I still have lots of plants (all perrenials) in tubs and planters.

Grasses, Phormium (needs large tub) Polyanthus, Primroses, Roses are ok as long as they are fed well, Aquilegia, Bulbs of all kinds, small fruit trees (again need feeding well) the list is endless, experiment and enjoy, you will have disappointments sometimes but that is part of the fun of learning what and which will or will not grow.

There are also Clemetis which will grow in tubs if big enough and I have strawberries too. lol go for it and enjoy what ever you decided on. All the best and welcome to the site. Oliveoil :O)

4 Mar, 2014


Hello June....I have a medium sized garden but love growing plants of all types in pots. One of the big advantages of growing in pots is being able to move them around the garden and even putting them out of the way when flowering is over. Remember that pots need watering, sometimes twice or three times a day in very hot weather, and, as has been said, need feeding too.
Make sure the pots are big enough for the plants that are to be grown in them, good drainage and good compost.
A favourite of mine is the Agapanthus Morning Star....a rich dark blue....that never fails. Get your pots, buy your plants and have fun...Good luck.

4 Mar, 2014


I use pots to grow perennials that would fail in the ground in my garden - many are very happy. One bit of advice I would give is don't buy containers where the top is narrower than the belly or the base. It's almost impossible to get them back out without breaking the pot, which can often be expensive.
Keep weight down by using polystyrene chips (or broken pieces) in the base instead of crocs or gravel.

4 Mar, 2014


Agree with Scottish. I have been given 2 large urn shaped stone pots and use them only for hanging geraniums which are easily removed at the end of the season.
I find everlasting wallflowers and verbena bonariensis are successful perennials to grow in pots. I also grow box trees which I have shaped into balls, in fairly large pots. I bought them as tiny plants about 12 years ago and have enjoyed watching them grow into handsome bushes.

4 Mar, 2014

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