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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

Vanda Orchids just received baby Vandas.

Does anyone know how care for them please?



Hi Kath, as you know I don't do houseplants, but if I did, I'm afraid I would give this 1 a miss, they need high temperatures, high humidity, bright light, and turbulent airflow, and should be suspended in slatted baskets, given periods of near drowning with rain water, ollowed by periods of being parched, their aerial roots can hang down about 6ft, like a curtain, they really are a hot house plant, having said that, they are beautiful flowers, Derek.

3 Mar, 2014


Thanks Derek as you know I adore Orchids and have many all in .This is a small orchid and if a success will be slow growing.

But after having disappointment having bought a large one in bloom .

A bought 4 yrs ago I wanted to try again.

Badfish I have read up and this is a challenge only cost £10.30

I don't smoke and never have and or drink much an occasional glass of wine but could really say I don't drink.

Thanks for your comment anyway each to their own.

3 Mar, 2014


The only way i can see you keeping vandas successfully is to keep them in a made up glass case which has the correct and night, constant high humidity and good airflow. Google paludariums, that will give you plenty of food for thought.

Good luck with them anyway.

3 Mar, 2014


Good luck with the Vandas, they are lovely things, you may just be lucky and get the conditions, they like just right, either way you will get pleasure from them and that is what its all about

4 Mar, 2014


Thank you Aquilega it will be fun growing them and watching the fro young vandas as last time I had one given in bloom.

But then I did not know .

Now all my other Orchids are in rebloom bud mode.

4 Mar, 2014


Hi there, have just read your question re vandas, and can only speak from my own experience,which is that these are about the easiest orchids I have ever grown..I have some very large specimens that I have had for years. They are growing in glass vases,have been placed in hot rooms, cold rooms, sunny places and shady places. They get a good soaking when I remember,sometimes tap water, sometimes rain water. They flower twice a year without fail and the very large flowers last for weeks.So in short give it a go.

5 Mar, 2014


Many thanks Jenfren.

And when and how often do you give feed?

5 Mar, 2014


I don't really feed my orchids very often, I have some flower power which I have in the past added a pinch of to their water, but not often, as they don't seem to need it. They maybe get nutrients from the rainwater. In the summer I sometimes take them out of the glass containers and literally dump them in rainwater in a tub. Believe me they are so easy. I have not got to grips with photos yet, but I will enlist the aid of younger relatives and try to put some on here for you

7 Mar, 2014

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