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By Miansu

London, United Kingdom Gb

i moved into this bungalow in february [disabled] although i have managed to sort the rear garden out ,i have a large grass area at the side with lots of weeds [like turnips] i am finding it difficult to get rid of them i use weed &feed but takes time filling watering can ---HELP thankyou



Can you take a picture and put it on your question please? There are lots of Goyers who are really good at ID. Welcome to GOY.

16 May, 2010


You can buy a granular weed and feed if that's any easier for you to apply. That said, depending on what the weeds are, its possible the ones you have won't be killed off with any lawn treatment. Frequent, regular mowing sees off most weeds, other than the rosette or creeping type.

16 May, 2010


thankyou ,the granullar weed and feed seems to be a better option will try that thankyou for your help .

17 May, 2010

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