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walnut tree


By Manuela

United Kingdom Gb

how do I cut back a walnut tree - the branches are overhanging the roof of my house and garage and it's quite noisy as well as the fact that the tree is causing too much shade in the garden.

I only want to know where to cut on the branch and how far back I can cut it.

A diagram would be the best thing or a website address.

I have jsut had a quote for £500 and can't afford it.

Many thanks



Established walnuts, whether fruiting or ornamental, are best left unpruned. Where pruning is necessary it is important that the work be undertaken between mid-summer and early autumn. Prune side branches to a main branch or to the trunk, cutting along the line of the branch collar (the swelling where one branch joins another or the trunk). This promotes healing and prevents decay entering the trunk. Hard pruning is not tolerated.

Avoid pruning walnuts in late winter or early spring (January-April) as the sap rises early and the pruning cuts will bleed profusely.

7 Jul, 2008

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