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im quite new to gardening and have rescued lots of dying plants from garden centers, this has become quite addictive to me since they have all come great. i recently rescued some ethiopian banana plants that looked really sad but they didnt have any information cards in the pots, i got home and googled them and to my surprise learned that they grow huge! can i grow them in large containers to restrict their size or will this harm them??



just leave it be and a new psuedostem will redevelop from that same center section; bananas are survivalists, they are a very resilient plant, but to get fruit, you do have to follow a few guidelines; copious watering, lots of fertilizer, and hopefully mother nature will help with getting you through a frostfree winter (otherwise the 14 month period needed to break a bunch, is rewound to start). The plant will send up pups also, and you should only allow 3 or 4 to develop from the corm (underground root system), the rest should be cut out before they develop; this allows the corm to put all of its energy into developing the existing plants, therefore giving you a much better chance at fruit worry not my gardening friend! be happy and let mother nature take charge...

7 Jul, 2008

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