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I am growing some soya beans but its not clear from the packet whether they climb or not can anyone tell me please? Nannyang



It can grow up to 6' tall and has white or purple, self-fertile flowers. The actual bean varies in colour somewhat, but is usually yellow, green, black or brown. Soybeans are grown mainly in the USA, China and Brazil. It is possible to grow them in the UK, but on the whole they are always under stress here and do not grow terribly well. For good bean production, soybeans need a short daylength (usually under 12 hrs), a July temperature of over 16 degrees C and good rainfall when they are flowering. They like to be grown in full sun, but will grow in most types of soil. In the UK, seeds should be sown around mid-May at a depth of 1-2" inches, spacing the seeds 3" apart and allowing 1 ft between rows. Fresh, green beans can usually be harvested by early August, but if dried beans are required then leave the pods on the plant until they turn a dark tan colour - usually around September/October. Hope this is a help

7 Jul, 2008


Thanks for the information, I did not realise they got so big.

8 Jul, 2008

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