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green fly


By Kit

United Kingdom Gb

Bought a plant from a shop and put it in the green house now everything is infested with green fly, how can i get rid of it please can you help, also any humain ways of dealing with slugs which wont affect hedge hogs if they eat them.



If you hate using chemicals to get rid of greenfly then try using washing up liquid mixed with water. Then spray onto the infested area. Another way is to remove the aphids by hand on a regular basis.

If you have apple trees or you are growing broccoli, plant Nasturtiums near by as this will help keep aphids away. Planting Nasturtiums in the greenhouse will prevent whitefly infestation.

If you have aphids attacking your fruit trees or roses, try planting garlic near to them, as the strong odour of the garlic repels them.

For the slugs, go to your local barber or beauty shop. Ask them to save the hair they've clipped off their customers. Spread the hair around your plants. The sharp cut ends of the hair are a devil on the slugs' soft little bodies.

ve heard that crushed eggshells are bad on the slugs, and the shells also add nutrients to the soil. Birds like eggshells because they add calcium to their diet so the eggs they make are stronger, and if a bird is eating eggshells happens to see a bug, well you can imagine what will happen to the bug.

As you know slugs love to party at night so why not treat them by supplying the drinks. Place a pint glass with some beer in it on it's side where they hang out . The next morning you will find lots of dead slugs , but at least you gave them a good farewell party. Birds will eat the corpses and be will be singing merrily all day long.

6 Jul, 2008

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