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My tree fern has got a kind of orange scum on/in its crown. It has been wrapped in fleece over the winter and it was there when I unwrapped it a few weeks ago. There appears to be the beginnings of some new fronds but the orange stuff is all crispy over them. Is it frost damage or some kind of disease I can treat? Thanks.

On plant Dicksonia




my tree has the same problem,not sure how to remedy it. looking at other sites some people are saying they are gonnas others are saying to clean out the site and hope for the best. i am going to clean mine out although the fronds underneath seem black so not holding out much hope. i have had a lot of winter damage this year to my cordylines, chaemerops humilis and my tree fern,i am keeping my fingers crossed and hope you have some luck with yours.

4 May, 2010


I also have the same problem, a sticky gunge in the cente of the trunk. Is my tree fern dead? what happens if i remove the gunge? please help.

17 May, 2010


I've tried cleaning out the gunge but it just comes back! I've been told that it looks like crown rot from getting too damp. Mine seems to be deteriorating now and the new fronds aren't unfurling so I fear the worst. :(

17 May, 2010

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