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problems with roses


By Rosegem

United Kingdom Gb

many of my roses have got black spot or even a brown spot..but also the leaves are being eaten to leave just the



It is too late to prevent blackspot completely, but it would do no harm to spray them with 'Roseclear' from now on - regularly - until the end of the season. It's also a good time to feed them to give the a boost. As to what's eating the leaves, you need to have a 'snoop' around to find out, it could be a number of creatures to be dealt with, some of which the spraying will deal with. Keep dead-heading and cut the stems a little further back than normal as you do this, in the hope that they may produce strong shoots and more flowers later. I hope that all this helps.

1 Jul, 2008



1 Jul, 2008


Look under and sides of leaves, there may be green caterpillars, they can be very tiny too. That is what I found under mine, and they can strip a whole leaf in no time at all.

1 Jul, 2008

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