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soo exited,my seeds have come up and they are lupin and black eyed susie,may not be exiteing to lots but these are my first seeds ever,how big should they be before i put them where i want them,and will the black eyed susie come back nxt year,chris



its always exciting when seeds come up .. even when you know thats what there suposed to do ... leave them in a sheltered spot and wait till they have few true leaves before planing them and watch for slugs good luck

24 Apr, 2010


Wait until the lupins have a fair few leaves. You want a decent size plant before you put it in the garden. black eyed susan will re seed itself

24 Apr, 2010


thanks so much,my dad gave me some seeds called purple orchid tree seeds and they have come up too,didnt expect it as he has had them about five years and im not sure they are grown in this country,chris

24 Apr, 2010


They [purple orchid tree - Bauhinia purpurea] should be ok. plant in full sun, soil requirements not fussy.
For your other seedlings hardening off is important. outside during the day and then back in at night. the lupins will be able to go out once hardened off. the bigger the better, but they do grow direct in the soil too.

24 Apr, 2010


i got excited when my first seedlings appeared, too. and this wasn't my first time. as soon as i found them i was straight on here to write a blog about them lol. Lx

2 May, 2010

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