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By Bugerov

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My lawn is constantly under the shade of the trees in my back garden. This combined with the fence around the garden and the trees in the neighbours gardens means the lawn gets very little sunlight. Consequently, I have a number of bare patches on the lawn and a large amount of moss. My soil is acidic (pH 6.0) and has a sandy texture. I have tried planting some grass seeds but they have not established themselves. I can't chop the trees down as they are protected. Has anyone any tips to help me re-establish my lawn, please?



How about thinking laterally? Do you have to have a lawn when you are obviously fighting a losing battle? What about some paving and gravel in pleasing patterns and a fernery or shade loving plants in raised beds? Re-design! If you really want to hang on to your lawn, I believe that you can get grass seed for shaded areas. I don't know how effective it is, though, and you'd still have the moss problem with all that shade..

28 Jun, 2008


candian grass seed grows in shade hop this helps

5 Sep, 2008


You can try using a grass seed called RTF or Rhzominous Tall Fescue which has been bred for heavy shade or drought conditions. It can be sown on top of your existing turf if you scarify the area first.

17 Nov, 2008

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