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We have a row of conifer trees on one side of our garden. They grew really tall and because they were under power lines we had to have the tops cut off (drastically). They are now only about 8 feet tall and lack shape. To add some interest I would like to plant around the base of them. Could anyone suggest something pretty which might survive in this position.

Also I fancied the idea of growing rambling roses through them or maybe some clemitis. Any advice on this

Many thanks



If They are Leyladii I wouldnt bother, as they grow 3-5 feet per year and take all the goodness from the soil either settle for them and have to cut them nearly every year or bite the bullet and choose to get rid.

16 Apr, 2010


I would hate to get rid of them - I have a sentimental attachment to them!

If I cant figure out anything else to brighten them up I might just string solar lights through them :)

17 Apr, 2010


maybe make a raised bed or pagoda in front and make that colourfull if you cant get rid of them so it takes the atention away .

17 Apr, 2010


Hi BP, Welcome to Goy, looking forward to seeing some pictures of your garden! As for the large conifers, I have a clematis winding through one of mine which does quite well I think it is montana Rubra the only problem is quite a lot of the flowers are not very visable as they tend to hide in the foilage and are quite high up! Noseypotters idea could work well. By the way see you are from Lancashire where abouts do you live?

19 Apr, 2010


Hi Noseypotter
Thank you for the Idea of a raised bed or pagoda - it is a great idea but not one I can use because I have a gazebo in fornt of half of the row. We use this for the children to play under to give them some shade.

I am planning a "Secret Garden" in front of the other half.

20 Apr, 2010


Hi Pansypotter

Thanks to you too :)

I love the idea of having clematis winding through mine. How close did you plant yours?

I live in Manchester by the way.

20 Apr, 2010


I planted the clematis about a foot from the trunk!, we are almost neighbours I live on the Mossley /Saddleworth border! Good luck if you go ahead with the planting!

20 Apr, 2010

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