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Fluffy plant

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Can anybody identfy this plant please ? It has a single central stem, fluffy foliage and bears small white flowers in June. It come up every year in the same shady spot, among ferns and cordylines. Is it a flowers, fern, vegetable, or what ?




This is a wild guess - I have an idea that it is called 'Asparagus Fern'.

26 Jun, 2008


Another guess, I don't think it's a Fern, the fronds don't look right. Do some googling on Sage plants.

Can you get a close up of the leaves and flowers, preferably with a piece of white paper held behind them?

27 Jun, 2008


It's an Aspasagus fern. Not a true fern but a flowering plant and it will have tiny flowers and later on there may be small red berries. Definately Asparagus fern. : )

27 Jun, 2008


Definitely Asparagus. It is an edible asparagus seedling, do you have asparagus growing near you? These seedlings will pop up anywhere.

27 Jun, 2008


Be careful - Asparagus is, of course, edible. BUT Asparagus Fern is not edible! Don't think the fern grows outdoors in UK, but I might be mistaken - what with global warming!

27 Jun, 2008


Asparagus fern is hardy and can grow outdoors in West Wales. Don't know about the rest of the UK further north.

27 Jun, 2008


I have grown this Asparagus in Essex, it does very well, and the fern looks lovely in with my cut flowers :) Jackie x

27 Jun, 2008

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