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By Timxs

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

I have some lavender that i bought last summer that i planted in a pot it looks dead now after the frost and bad weather will it grow back ? should i trim it down or just leave it and see what happens thank you



If all the green/blueish leaves have gone and all you arre left with is brown wood then it will not grow again. Lavender is odd in that it does not shoot from old wood.

13 Apr, 2010


Same thing happened to me. I had a big pot of Stoechas Lavender I planted out in the autumn, and now it looks dead. Try testing it low down with your nail to see if there is green in the stem and a few green leaves. If there are, it may be worth waiting. I have ordinary lavender in several places and they are OK. they are usually tough but last winter was so bad. There is a tiny portion of my plant green and some leaf green, but sometimes they can't recover from such a bad setback. When I look at the label it says 'tolerates light frost'..........:)

13 Apr, 2010


thank you both for your quick replies i will check to see if there is green at the bottom, it is a large plant i wish i had brought it in to the shed now, a lesson has been learnt.

13 Apr, 2010


Don't throw it away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lavender is a surviver. Give it a hair cut. Take all the old spent brown bits off the top. Knock it out of its pot and examine the roots; if you see any that are white replant it. If you cut into the twiggy bits on the top and it looks dry and cracked you may have lost it. But my advise is to replant it in good compost and water well and leave it in a sunny place. I keep mine by a wall in the winter months, the potted ones any way. I have my Grandads very,very old lavender still growing in my garden its a bit leggy but still going strong!!

13 Apr, 2010

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