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By Snoopy

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hello everybody when you post blogs and then say look at this or that and leave a website number is there a quicker way to look other than writing all the letters and numbers



I know how you feel! I have recently discovered that if I highlight the relevant letters and numbers and then right click on the highlighting, a box comes up inviting me to open it in a new window. Click again, and hey presto!!
I'm sure someone else will give you a clearer explanation as I'm still experimenting with that kind of thing!

18 Jan, 2014


Highlight the web address, right click and 'copy', go to the box at the top of the screen showing the full web address of the blog and left click it (it will then have a blue highlight), right click the highlight and either 'paste' or 'paste and go'.
It is actually much easier and quicker to do this operation than it is to describe it or read my description!

18 Jan, 2014


It is annoying, I agree - Bulbaholic's advice is useful, but its one of the downsides of this site - on other ones, as soon as you type in a web address, it forms an automatic link so all you have to do is click on it. Much easier, but not possible on here.

18 Jan, 2014


On my question about asters Owdboggy gave me a web address for avondale nursery and I got straight through as I explained above. Maybe it works for some things and not for others.........

18 Jan, 2014


Try using a URL creator such as

19 Jan, 2014

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