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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

We tried to identify this one before, but now it has a flower.
Sorry the flower picture is a bit blurred. These are gigantic and I have 3 huge beds of them. Here's a link for the flower...




?Anemone x hupensis?

21 Jun, 2008


The flower is indeed blurred. These leaves do look like Japanese Anemones, but the flowers should come up on a tall stalk waving above the leaves. You blurry flower doesn't seem to be doing that. I shall take a stroll through my garden photos and see if I have one you could compare yours with.

21 Jun, 2008


Hallo again Harli - well if you go to my page and find photos page 39, there are two photos taken in August last year of Japanese Anemones - 4th and 5th on the bottom line. You can see from the clump photo that the flowers are on the end of long stalks held above the leaves. I hope that this will help your ID.

21 Jun, 2008


Hi Harli .My first thought was Anemone too but looking at the flower photo that flower looks like it could belong to a weed poking through th Anemone.Are you sure it's part of the same plant?

21 Jun, 2008


Thank you. Susie ~ You were right about the flower, it belonged to another plant overshadowed by this one.

27 Jun, 2008

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