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How do I stop pigeons sitting on my pergola and crapping??


By Thalia

United Kingdom

I have just a pergola and decking built. Pigeons have started sitting on top of the pergola and pooping straight onto my decking!!! Any advice how to stop them???



Shoot the beggars!!!!!!

19 Jun, 2008


Feed then hard boiled egg!

19 Jun, 2008


We have had that problem at EPCOT for years - they are attracted to food dropped by humans. Disney uses several methods, but one is to string clear fishing line across the area above the walkways. Not noticeable to humans, but deters the pigeons. A version is described on this site good luck!

19 Jun, 2008


Delicately put question no idea but had a good laugh !

19 Jun, 2008


Well the Epcot suggestion sound sensible. Your question and the answers gave us the biggest laugh. It must be the silly season.

19 Jun, 2008

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