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Eucalyptus tree


By Svdz

United Kingdom Gb

Any idea why my eucalyptus tree, planted 2 years ago, is suddenly covered with reddish brown leaves? What can I do about it?



Our Eucalyptus which is probably 25 years old gets brown leaves at this time of year and drops them all over the lawn. It could just be normal. It soon grows new ones!

20 Jun, 2008


My son bought a 50p eucalyptus 'twig' 20 yeras ago. We have just felled the resulting 40 foot giant because it damaged a patio, a summer house and a lawn with sprawling massive surface roots that seem to suck moisture from anything near (such as a lawn). Yes it shed leaves all year round and they do make a mess. The resulting stump will take years to rot and monumental effort to remove by hand. Beware!!

4 Aug, 2008

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