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Hello again this is my 4th question today but this is for a friends I am helping them in their garden and they want some highly scented flowers or shrubs to give interest all year for pots any ideas would be appreciated they bought some Oleanders but found out they are highly poisonous and have got rid of them are they really that deadly?



lots of plants are posionous but not many people eat them. and kids can be told 'on pain of death [literally]' not to eat them.
I like skimmia for their fragrance and then if you have male and female plants you will get berries on the feamale one.

26 Mar, 2010


daphne odorata and vibirnum 'dawn' have wonderful early scent and fragrant roses, lavender, nicotiana are summery and how about hyacinth for the spring -- even 'cheerfulness ' narsissi have lovely scents dwarf lilac-- it depends what you fancy and how much space you have :o)

26 Mar, 2010

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