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By Alif

Argyll, Scotland Sco

We burn a mix of wood and coal. Has anyone got an idea on how we can recycle the ashes?



We also burn a mixture of wood and coal during the colder period in order to keep our stove in overnight, Alif. I don't know of any way that the mixed ash can be recycled as it is contaminated by the sulphur from the coal. We let the stove go out when we went down to Dyunblane last weekend and are now lighting the stove 'on demand' and so have gone back to wood only. The wood ash will be saved.

24 Mar, 2010


Mr MB never could spell Dunblane!

24 Mar, 2010


Dyunblane is a wee village near Styrling isn't it?

Thanks guys. Ever used ash on a path?

24 Mar, 2010


Yes, it turns to sticky clay when it gets wet, not recommended. Unless it doesn't rain in Argyll :-(

24 Mar, 2010


Hmm. Thought it might, just wanted to check.
Thank You
Until last week I was forgetting what rain was......

24 Mar, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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