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By Jonezee

Flintshire, Wales Wal

OK everyone. The weather is improving and I am starting to think about plants for the patio. I have a desire to grow some fruit in pots as well as flowers and mix the pots together. I thought I would start with strawberries. Can anyone give advise. I have grown strawberries before, but not in a pot. I know that there are purpose made planters and I have read on how to water with a tube down the centre with holes drilled. What I need is advise on varieties that will give me fruit throughout the whole summer and also stand up to the weather should our summer be a disappointing one. Also is there any special type of planting medium I should know about? Or any tips gained from experience that will help.
Many thanks.



Strawberries do well in both large pots and growbags. They prefer a soil on the acid side so ordinary potting compost is fine. They do produce quite large rootballs so need a reasonable amount of space to root into.
Personally I'd avoid the wonderful contraptions with watering through central tubes etc. as these are a triumph of design over practicality. Watering pots or a growbag is far simpler and can be done using a very simple drip irrigation, even a plastic bottle with a pinprick hole in the top!
Growbags can be set out on a low platform of blocks or wood, so that the fruit hangs down over the sides, which helps avoid slug and snail problems.
On varieties, unless you choose a few plants of different main crop varieties which fruit at different times, you will only get a continuous crop if you plant the 'remontant' type (which fruit and flower almost non stop.) The trouble with these is that the fruit in my opinion is not so good, and you get a small amount over a long period, rather than lots in a short time, which is what most of us want for a good helping of strawberries and cream.
Of the varieties we grow, I recommend both Gariguette and Mara des Bois, which are French ones but obtainable in the UK.
I forgot to add, that if you like them, the large alpine strawberries like 'Alexandria' fruit throughout the summer and although the fruit are tiny, they have an exquisite flavour. Worth a plant or two just for a taste as you walk past the growbag or pot though.

12 Mar, 2010


Thanks to Jonezee for asking this question and a special thank to bertiefox for the splendid about to try strawberries myself for the first the raised grow-bag idea.....thanks again.....:>)

12 Mar, 2010


I endorse that too Motinot. :0))

12 Mar, 2010


That is a most wonderful response bertiefox. Thank you so much. It tells me so much and everything I wanted to know. I only have room on the patio for a pot to begin with, as this is the first year of setting things out and there is so much that I want. I am trying to mix some fruits in with the plants, and my husband would like to plant a pot with beefy tomatoes, as well as his hanging baskets with the tumbling variety.

It's good to know that I don't need any special kind of planting medium other than ordinary potting compost, and I am grateful for the names of the varieties, I can't wait to try them.

When would be the best time to plant them, and will I get fruit from them this year? Will I need to feed them, and how often?

12 Mar, 2010


dont forget that they may get eaten by the birds before you get to them so think about 'netting' them and the effects of that on the other plants.

12 Mar, 2010


Yes you are right Seaburngirl. I have some netting from the time I grew strawberries at my previous address. Though I had them in the ground there.

13 Mar, 2010


Mara des Bois is a wonderful variety, it produces masses of fruit from spring right thr till first frosts and has as one of its parents the wild woodland strawberry, slightly tangy.
i also found out Bertiefox that they dont have runners!! but you can divide them oct or march.
just hope they grow as well in the uk as here.
ohh i just saw you are Scotland Jonezee, well you cld but try..

4 May, 2011

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