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would those of you who make your own compost post your 'recipes' on the site please. I'm making my own, have sifted it into old compost bags, have a steady supply of woodash from a friend and on the allotment have a manure heap though it's a bit fresh only having been delivered in December. As well as my allotment I have the garden at home and some acid loving shrubs in pots so I need various composts to suit. I collected leaves last year but I don't think they will be ready for another year yet but then I hope to have myself a steady supply of leaf mould for seed sowing. So some recipes please!



If you go to Bulbaholic's profile page, he did a blog a while back on compost that he makes up himself.

12 Mar, 2010


thanks I'll take a look. How do I find another members profile page?

18 Mar, 2010


Don't know if yoiu've worked it out yet, but type Bulbaholic into the google custom search box at the top right of this page - select his profile and then blogs

18 Mar, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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