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Just had a New Zealand Tree Fern Log (12" round/8" tall) delivered - looks dead. Is this it's dormant period, if so, when should it start growing fronds? Is it worth potting up?



If you mean Dicksonia antartica, these are frost sensitive - need to be planted somewhere very sheltered and out of very hot sun, in soil that doesn't dry out too much. The fronds often disappear in cold winters here, so suggest you pot yours up - don't bury it too deep, just push it into the soil and support it with rocks or pebbles round the outside if necessary. Leave under shelter, but not in heat, ( cool greenhouse would be good) remember to water the trunk regularly(easier by spraying) - that's where the roots are, and keep the soil in the pot moist but not waterlogged.

11 Mar, 2010


I have a very good tip for you too (given to me by Fractal)......If after a few months no fronds appear, give your tree fern a drink of sweet water....this could be a can of coke.....or water sweetened with sugar.....I tried this last year when mine didn't want to shoot......and it worked!!!!!.....If you feel very carefully in the crown of the trunk you will feel some little bumps.....these are the fronds that will appear, eventually.
As Bamboo has already advised...keep the trunk damp at all times........good luck!

11 Mar, 2010


Missed that tip, Amblealice, good to know.

11 Mar, 2010



12 Mar, 2010

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