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What can i use to remove a lot of cat poop from a stoned garden.



Dog pooh scoop? Or spade??? It's a chore, isn't it? They go amongst my plants and sometimes dig them up...

28 Feb, 2010


Try using the cat owners hand!

28 Feb, 2010


Try a hose.

28 Feb, 2010


A plastic bag with no holes in it... only way is to pick the mess up

28 Feb, 2010


love stjohntongues answer lol

28 Feb, 2010


I liked Stjohntongues answer too, it made me roar with laughter, He! He! Side ache now. Jackie :- o

28 Feb, 2010


I'd have about 10 hands if I rounded up all the owners!

28 Feb, 2010

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