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Stunted Tomato Plants

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Hi all

I have a couple of Gardeners Delight plants growing in a large pot, with a Basil plant, but the tomatoes appear to be stunted in growth and the leaves curled up.

I have been feeding them with Tomatorite, but I am wondering if it's all this changable weather that is stunting their growth.

I have a couple of Shirley in another pot, and they seem to be OK.

I have never grown Gardeners delight before, so I don't know if this is a common problem or nothing to worry about.





That's what my 'Gardener's Delight' look like - in the greenhouse, Ken. They seem to be quite happy and have started setting fruit. I think they are OK.

12 Jun, 2008


Hi Spritz

Thanks for your comment. I think it's all because of this funny weather we are having. I have fruit on all my trailing and tumbling tomatoes. They are looking great

Things seem to be all upside down this year again. I lost all my broad beans, but the next lot have really shot on. The first two sowings of spring onions never came on.

Oh well! I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the GD toms are OK

13 Jun, 2008


I do hope so, Ken. It's so cold and windy today that I shall be in a fleece AND a jacket! No wonder the plants are confused - the temps last night were down to 6 degrees.

13 Jun, 2008


LOL Just looking through the patio doors and it's chucking it down. Much needed though.

I still can't figure out why the GD toms are so short and thick stemmed while the Shirleys' are slender and taller.

It WAS cooler last night, but don't think that has caused any damage. Like you say, no wonder the plants are confused. I'm confused! One day in shorts and today in my padded shirt!

13 Jun, 2008

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