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Plant id please.

They are certainly a herb but I 've lost the label.

My suspicion is oregano but far from sure.

Oregano_002 Oregano_001



What does it smell of ? if it's a herb, give the leaves a rub. My first thought was mint but could be marjoram or oregano

16 Oct, 2013


Thanks for reply. I'm finding it hard to describe the smell. I would say the smell which is not particularly pungent goes towards sage and basil.

It smells nothing like mint. I've grown marjoram and it doesn't look anything like the plants I have. It has to be a herb because I only started off herbs in that container.

I'm going towards oregano.

The herbs I grew were thyme, mint, sage, parsley, basil, fennel, dill and sorrel.

I definetly started off oregano but lost track of what happened.

16 Oct, 2013


I am pretty sure it's oregano

16 Oct, 2013


me too, as i have been growing this for years. may have

grown from a stray seed from your previous plant.

16 Oct, 2013


I also think it's oregano ...

16 Oct, 2013


Looks just like my oregano too. :o)

16 Oct, 2013


Oregano smells very different from basil and its one of the two.

16 Oct, 2013

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