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What is this plant?

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I help a blind couple that are avid gardeners. They acquired this tree that has been grown from a graft. Unfortunately they don't know what it is, can anyone identify it and any idea what is the root stock likely to be? Lyn.




The leaves are a Maple shape, but I don't know what it is.

11 Jun, 2008


Surely it's a Maple? I agree, Chris.

11 Jun, 2008


Thanks, I guess we knew it was of the Maple family. I was wondering if we could get more specific so that I could let them have some idea of how it was going to develop.

11 Jun, 2008


Most likely root stock is Sycamore as they grow everywhere you dont want them.In fact the plant seems very sycamore like and unless of great sentimental value , probably isnt worth a lot of time and attention.

11 Jun, 2008


Also likely to grow rather large if planted in the ground!

12 Jun, 2008

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