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wild mushrooms


By Alina

I was wondering, is it possible to grow wild mushroom at home? I really like wild mushroom risotto but the ingredients are very expensive.. Thanks!



We have recently bought mushroom 'plugs' that you put into drilled holes in beech logs, they should give us crops of oyster mushrooms from late summer on. We bought them from Edwin Tucker & son 01364 652233 - they sell seeds etc.

7 Apr, 2007


It seems as if you can grow mushrooms at home (Google for it -- you'll have to dodge lots of pages about magic mushrooms!).

However, don't forget the pleasures of mushrooming -- take a basket and explore some country fields. Find mushrooms and pick them. In my childhood in the 80s, this was a regular weekend activity. If you're not confident of your ability to distinguish mushrooms from poisonous fungi, there are spotter's books.

23 Apr, 2007

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