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Holly Hocks


By Cynthia

Michigan, United States Us

The leaves are turning yellow on my Holly Hocks, is this possibly too much water? Also bugs seem to be eating some of them, what is the best to spray to eliminate what ever is eating the leaves. I also have a small tea rose plant and the leaves are also turning yellow?



Holly Hocks suffer badly from rust, mine get it. You need to sparay with a fungus spray, and you will need to remove any leaves that are badly affected. Sometimes if it gets really bad you have to destroy the plant and start again!

11 Jun, 2008


I would hate to lose them as they are one of my favorite flowers. Thanks for the info!

11 Jun, 2008


My Hollyhocks have a lot of rust too. I spray and take off badly affected leaves, but I don't get rid of the problem. I have started with new seeds again this year to flower next year. I will get rid of old plants when they finish flowering, and will save seed from these too. I don't know whether it depends on local conditions or the strain of Hollyhocks as to whether they get rust or not, but so far all of mine have had it.

12 Jun, 2008


Mine have, too. I am removing leaves frequently even on a new plant this year. What a pain!

15 Jun, 2008

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