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What is this plant

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Thanks for your help - Cinquefoil seems to be the answer - found a picture with flowers on - I should have mine dug up before the flowers arrive! Cheers




It's a weed. Can't recall its name - too late and my bedtime!

11 Jun, 2008


Does it have flowers. Maybe it would be easier to identify if you put a photo of them.

12 Jun, 2008


Iv this &seen it in Nusurys as ground cover it has yellow flowers :)

12 Jun, 2008


Looks like a Cinquefoil leaf. As Jacque said low groundcover with yellow flowers, if you like it. It is rather aggressive. I use it in one of my beds as I like a wilder look to my gardens.

12 Jun, 2008


It grows in the hedgerows in our area - I've just come back from a walk with Henry with a piece in my hand. I definitely wouldn't buy it, Jacque! It's a weed in my book! As Gramazoo says, it's rather aggressive.

12 Jun, 2008


Iv got this2 Grammazoo growing along my front Garden path it softens the Edges & i like the little yellow flower it gets, il Load pic 4 u Davethenotgardener2see :)

12 Jun, 2008


Thank you all very much - Cinquefoil seems to be exactly right - would never have identified it without your help.

Will get my digging shorts on! - Soon have them out . . !

12 Jun, 2008


Well, Jacque, whatever turns you on!

12 Jun, 2008

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