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By Edgar

Wrexham, United Kingdom Gb

Lilies bought and flowered beautifully this year have long since ceased flowering. Some still have lovely dark green leaves whereas some have turned yellow and broken off at the root. What should I do with them? I would be grateful for suggestions and give my thanks in advance as I don't seem to have got the hang of a reply thank you.



I just leave mine Edgar. And then they come back next year. There are no fancy things to do with asiatic lilies. Like Topsy they just grow. Just an annual general feed helps.

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30 Sep, 2013


As the leaves go yellow I just cut the stem about an inch above the ground.

30 Sep, 2013


Thanks Sarraceniac and Bulbaholic
Your comments are much appreciated.
I do hope you receive my thanks.

30 Sep, 2013


Well done Edgar, you've got it :-)))

30 Sep, 2013

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