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Please has anyone succeeded in growing Viola cornuta from cuttings? I was given a 'piece' at an open garden yesterday and it's sitting in a pot of water at the moment. What's the best way of doing it? Compost or water?

Thanks in advance.



I have never had to try propagating Viola cornuta sine our first packet of seeds! It is very soft stemed so I would have thought it best to keep your cutting in water until it puts out some roots.
V. cornuta is one of those plants that I let seed around for years then go round the garden hauling out as much as possible in the knowledge that there will be plenty more seed in the soil. Unfortunately this is what I did last week! I am sure that i will have missed some plants so I will look to see if I can get you any seed, Spritzhenry, and contact you if I am successful.

12 Aug, 2013


Snap, just poured weedkiller on them too!

12 Aug, 2013


had a look round the garden since my previous post and found lots of them, still!

12 Aug, 2013


I have a number of them, already, some named ones from Scotland! :-)) - but this one is an unusual pale lilac with a central darker 'star' I'll have a try to root it.

What colour are yours please, Bulba?

13 Aug, 2013


We have a range of colours, Spritzhenry, ranging from a rather pale one through a soft mid-lilac to a richer lilac colour. We started with a packet of wild collected seed from the Pyrenees and they have made their own variatins ever since. I never knew that there were named varieties before.

13 Aug, 2013


My new ones came from Elizabeth McGregor's Nursery. She's the breeder of Anemone 'Wild Swan' and she also specialises in Viola cornuta. When you have a spare minute, have a browse on her website. They're all lovely and I found it hard to choose.

15 Aug, 2013


Yes, I know Elizabeth, and she grows some lovely plants. Her nursery is in Galloway, near to the house of friends of ours.

15 Aug, 2013


How wonderful to be able to visit and see the Violas!

17 Aug, 2013

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