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I'm hoping that this is my Codonopsis (planted last year). Does anyone grow this and can ID it for me please? I lost the first one I planted, so I haven't seen it at this early stage before.


On plant Codonopsis




It 'could be' Sh. Something like C. clematidea is fully herbaceous and grows into a shrubby herb. We need the flowers to id it.

11 May, 2013


Thanks, Bulba - I think I'll have to be patient - and protect it from slimy critters, too!

11 May, 2013


I don't want you to take risks, Spritz, but we have no problem with slugs and snails o0n our Codonopsis. You may be interested in Paul Kneebone's Codonopsis site:

11 May, 2013


Aren't they beautiful! The problem is that he shows the flowers, and not the new foliage. Unfortunately, I did have one demolished by snails - which is why I put a copper ring round last year's new plant. Maybe Scottish snails have different tastes. lol.

11 May, 2013


Certainly looks like the new growth of the 2 I have, Cc. bhutanica and foerrestii, though a little greener than either of those. Never had trouble with snails on those though.

11 May, 2013


This should be C. cardiophylla. Thanks, Ob, that sounds hopeful. I shall put the copper ring back today! 'Our' snails obviously have different likes...why don't they eat hairy bittercress instead?

12 May, 2013

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