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By Dude

Inverness-Shire, United Kingdom Gb

cat poo in my garden how to make soil safe also stinks of pee.



Cats can be a real nuisance, could you plant something that will give them little space to do their buisness, ie a groundcover rose, could you rethink your planting scheme, plant some ground hugging plants, what about a tapestry of heathers planted and trimmed properly and given time you could have a lovely bed of foliage and colour through the year, put in a little focal point for added interest, if this is not for you then other plantings could be used, or if they still sell it then renodene is supposed to be a good deterent for cats and foxes.

9 May, 2013


b and q I got some garlic spray £4 spray where you don't want them to go worked great on my raised beds no more cat poo

10 May, 2013


I save all my orange peel, dry it, then break it up into little pieces. Then I throw handfuls of it over all the places where the cats go. They hate citrus as well as garlic! Works for a while anyway & the peel rots down & doesn't seem to affect the plants. Now that my perennials have grown bigger, there is not so bad a problem. It was awful in the winter when my soil was exposed.I once got some wonderful lemon scented cat repellent from a gdn centre, but have not been able to find the same type since. Worth looking/ sniffing for tho'! Hope you find it( or the garlic one).

10 May, 2013


thank for the help everyone

10 May, 2013


Hi Dude,
I was always told as a child to be good to animal old ladies the police and father Daily.

So when we had a cat problem like yours i asked the cat "face to face" if he could climb over our 12 feet wall and do his droppings over the other side of the wall?????

The cat thought for a moment !!! Looked at the 12 feet high wall and then said meeeeee howwwww.

10 May, 2013


I wouldn't worry about making the soil safe. After all we use animal droppings as manure. you wouldn't want urine on leaves you were going to eat but apart from that the main problem is with plants being dug up.

You can easily make your own garlic spray by boiling garlic cloves in water. I'm sure there's a new product around for discouraging cats - have a look round a big GC.
If its a small area something prickly helps - lengths of bramble, holly leaves, rose prunings etc.

11 May, 2013

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