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lilac trees


By Jilly

United Kingdom Gb

my lilac tree has not flowered can you advice me what to do this is the second year running.

On plant the lilac tree syringa




How old is it? Has it ever flowered? Have you pruned it? Sorry to ask questions, but it all helps us to answer you.

7 Jun, 2008


the tree is about 5 years old. I pruned it last year hoping that it will flower. It has never had any floweres, it got a few buds but they didnt flower. Hope this helps

7 Jun, 2008


There seems to be a lot of growth low down in the picture. Are there new shoots coming up at ground level?

7 Jun, 2008


There are quite a few new shoots coming from the ground
and the tree is quite full at the bottom.

7 Jun, 2008


It looks a healthy plant to me. Maybe you pruned it at the wrong time and unfortunately cut off the flowering shoots. If it has some sunshine in its position and seems happy, I think you will have to be patient. Good luck for next year.

7 Jun, 2008

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