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what is the difference between a Lawn Raker / Scarifier

merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

i have had me garden re turffed 18 months ago but i a lot of moss and bald patches i rake it to get moss up i have put seeds down i am looking to buy a electric rake or a scarifier but i do not know what is best as i am only a lerner gardener can so one help me

kind regards Sharon



Scarification is the action of removing the thatch and debris from the surface of the lawn.
Thatch is a build up of dead plant material, grass clippings and moss combining to prevent water,
oxygen and nutrients from reaching that vital area, the root zone.

7 Jun, 2008


We hired a scarifier to use on our lawn once but wouldn't do it again. It did take a lot of dead stuff and moss out but the lawn looked dreadful for quite a while afterwards. If you have moss it could be that your lawn is in the shade or a bit waterlogged. Use a fork and go all over it making holes about four inches deep and then get some sharp sand and sprinkle over the holes and brush it into them, this will improve drainage. Raking works but it does make your arms ache, you can also but weed and feed products from the garden centre but I'm not sure when the best time of year is to do this.

9 Jun, 2008


HI THERE,best days work i ever did,buying a lawn rake,£50,use it every year spring and autumn,after that give the lawn some liquid feed ,just sit back and watch it grow.

13 Jun, 2008


I will by an electric rake, saves the arms

13 Jun, 2008


I just fed my lawn about three or four days ago, plan on mowing it today. My partner says we should use the electric raker too, but I'm worried that's just going to yank up all of the seed.

Should we wait? When's the best time to use the raker?

24 May, 2009

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