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Our garden is like a sponge. It is a new build house, so we are not sure what is under the soil. We are not sure what to do, i.e. lift all the turf and put down slabs. We also have a mole and a lovely 6 month old puppy!!



Welcome to Goy DB If you mean spongy recently? so is mine all this snow has left it very boggy this will clear.
If its not recently you really need to give us a bit more info such as soil type, have the builders piled top soil on rubbish etc? I certainly wouldnt rush in and take up the turf wait and see if it drains when the weather changes. Try and stay off it too.
Moles there are lots of ways to try and get rid of them. I think this will settle as all the new gardens are cultivated though.

17 Jan, 2010


with all the snow/rain thats to be expected. how long have you been in the house? as that will affect what you xpect from the soil etc. often there is a lot of builders rubble under the surface.
slabbing it will increase runoff and create 'flooding' problems though.

17 Jan, 2010


My neighbour needed planning permission for further hard standing because of runoff you may have to check that you can do this? I agree with SBG it slabbing may make it worse.

17 Jan, 2010


The back fill the builders have put on is not firm enough. The moles will help drain it. Get the builders back in if it stays the same until March, you must have a two year gaurantee.

18 Jan, 2010


you do now need planning permission for hard standing because of flooding.

18 Jan, 2010

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