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I have just planted my amaryllis do i need to put them in the dark for any time and how do i water them?
Thank you



Hello there ....please do NOT put your amaryllis in the dark...they need good light to get going and keep them quite cool as they will go leggy and pale otherwise.
To start them off - just give them one cup of water and leave them alone for a while. That will spur them into growth - then when the top of the compost is dry again - give it another cup. As it grows of course it will need more water to keep it going but they do not like to be drowned and hate wet feet!!!
I take it that you have them in pots so you can control the watering and can keep them at a window for good light....keep turning them so they stay straight - they have a habit of "leaning" towards the

9 Jan, 2010


You might need to put a stick in the pot to tie it to if it gets top-heavy when the flowers open. I've had the nasty experience of coming into the room and finding the whole lot on the floor!

9 Jan, 2010


OOPS - quite right - should have said that Spritz...been there and had that happen!

9 Jan, 2010


NOT good, is it! :-(((

9 Jan, 2010


ive put mine on the top of my mantle to shoot which has work so now im putting somewhere a bit cooler like the window ledge, worked last time,i keep turing cause grow toward light and like spritz says may have to surport them,

9 Jan, 2010

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