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Amarillys - The missing


By Aleyna


Last year I posted photos of red amarillys with five flowers on a single stem. I also posted pictures of those I saved from the neighboring grounds (Willieinthea├žores said they are not amarillys).

I brought the amarillys red bulb to Sao Chico, and in August I planted them all along the fence, where they get sun in the morning and stay in the shade in the afternoon. The bulbs I saved were surrounded by stones, and the red amarillys, as it was too large, left unencircled.

When the grass was laid they buried the bulb that was already sprouting. That was two weeks ago. I thought something was wrong and a bulb was missing, but I only realized yesterday when I noticed a sprout between the grass splices. I lifted the grass and found the half-crumpled sprouts dyed red by the soil that comes under the grass.

I cut the grass around to make room for the flower and now circled with stones. This prevents the gardener from hurting the sprout by mowing the lawn.

It rained a lot yesterday afternoon and last night. This morning he was like this. I hope it survives.

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There is a person on the other side of Terceira who planted these (Hippeastrums) to line the walk to his front door. It looked spectacular the first couple of years, but then began to thin out. It still is amazing in the spring to see them like that. But they are native to your part of the world, so they should do well, and being planted deep will protect them from frosts.

17 Oct, 2019


Must be nice to be able to grow them out of doors! it looks nice and healthy.

17 Oct, 2019 this brings up a question! Why do we...growing these indoors...have to leave the top half of the bulb above the soil? Aleyna has hers deeply planted.

17 Oct, 2019


I'm glad you found the bulb alive Aleyna, I hope it gives you some nice flowers :)

17 Oct, 2019


Glad you found the "missing" bulb, Aleyna! Now that you have "found" it again & "liberated" it from the "imprisoning" soil/grass it should grow very well.

I'd never heard of burying Hippeastrums deeply as I though it would make the bulb rot! In the 40+ years I've been growing them I've always had them with their shoulders out of the compost. I always find that the outer layers of the bulbs when they get too wet rot. Nowhere have I ever read they should be planted deeply!

17 Oct, 2019


Anne Marie said you are probably right, those are not hippeastrum. We call it A├žucenas, which is a general title to many plants ressambling Amarillys. These ones I'm not really worried about, because they are native, when comes summer you can find them growing happilly everywhere in the fields.
Also, the ones by the restaurant are almost all out the ground and takes bravely the frost and the struggling 2 or 3 inches of snow once in a winter :)

Steragram, the native ones are easily cultivated outside. Lets see the red one, how it goes

When I saved the native ones, I've planted them in pots, 1/3rd sand 2/3rds rich soil, kept the tip outside. I did that because I couldn't plant them in the soil, the land was not ready. In august when I transferred to the ground they were sprouting. Of course in nature they are not transferred. Just disappear during the winter and come back in spring.
So, right now is my first experience.I'll probably leave them in the ground, but the real hippeastrum, to see what happen the next winter.

Hyvel thank you,
yep, I'm also glad it was brave enough to show up screaming, hey you distracted one, come save me. :)

Balcony, I will follow your wisdom and large experience, will keep them shoulders out. like the ones in front of the restaurant.
The real hippeastrum I'm not sure. I kept it in a pot during the winter and under the frost. We didn't have the black frost this last winter. I'm thinkinbg about take it to a pot indoor during next winter, just in case. I don't want to loose it.

And to you all my GOY friends any suggestion will be very welcome

17 Oct, 2019


Thank you for explaining. :)

17 Oct, 2019


You are welcome :)

18 Oct, 2019


Hippeastrums need a little cold for a few weeks a year or they won't form flower buds but they won't last long if frozen! Keep the Amaryllis/Hippeastrum away from freezing temperatures or it will be killed.

Thanks for the explanation about the Azucenas!

21 Oct, 2019


Balcony, thank you,
I'll follow the climate warnings next year, when temperature are suposed to go bellow zero I'll protect the Amarillys.

21 Oct, 2019

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