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The pond


By Aleyna


When the doubt arose which term would be the most appropriate to describe our pond, I promised to write a blog with photos. In this way you can identify if it is a lake, a lagoon, a pond, etc.
Several streams compete to form this pond. Coming from inside the forest, or going down the lawn, they pour their water into the pond.

The strands appear on the west side and descend towards the east.
In this photo it is possible to see that the building of the association’s headquarters is on a higher ground than the lake.

Looking east, the waters are dammed and channeled towards the canyon, traveling a long way into the forest.
In the second photo, it is possible to see the crest of the ragged water following in the direction of the canyon.

After the rains, the waters take on strength, revolving the mud deposited on the rocks, and the fish withdraw further to the bottom of the lake. When we go through a period of drought the mud is set on the bottom and the water is crystal clear on the surface. The dark background and crystal clear water give the impression that the fish are floating in the air.

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The area looks lovely, Aleyna ..

Here are some choices for you !

pool, lake, lagoon, wetland, puddle, reservoir, loch, basin, ocean, sea, fens, marsh, swamp, creek, waterway !

It is a nice area, whichever word is chosen !

14 Jun, 2020


Thank you TT,
I'll check each one.
By the way that lovely black dog is my neighboors dog, they moved and left the dog behind :(
So we kind of adopt him. He still goes sleep on his old house, but come to the meals at our house, and of course is our companion around.

14 Jun, 2020


Its definitely a lake, and very pretty too! Is all that your garden? What a lovely place to live!. The fish look pretty - do you have any trouble with birds taking them? Nobody near where we live can keep fish because herons fly down and take them.

14 Jun, 2020


Thank you for the comment Steragram2,
I wish it would be my garden. It is on association garden.
I've never heard about herons taking the fish here.
Actually I've never seen herons here at the lake, although they are common.

14 Jun, 2020


I'd go with lake too and it is beautiful. You are very lucky to have such views. How can people be so heartless as to leave a dog behind.

What is the building reflected in the lake? it looks amazing.

15 Jun, 2020


What a beautiful area you have there to look out upon Aleyna. How awful they left the poor dog you are so kind looking after it . I can identify the dog going back to sleep at the house dogs are so faithful reminded me of one of my ancestors story which was in the news and this my family history.

The Monmouthshire Free Press of Friday June 2nd 1939, has an article about the death of Bernett Rowles, entitled "Dog mounts guard over dead master". It detailed how Bernett's dog, a black and brown sheepdog, had stood guard over his master until being enveloped by a taupaulin, used by 2 police officers to subdue him, so that they could get to Bernett.
He was lying face down in the gorse bushes at the Mountain Gate just beyond the golf course. He was pronounced dead at the scene and a later post mortem showed that he had died of natural causes. It is noted that when searched he had bread & cheese in one pocket and a handful of dog biscuits in the other.

15 Jun, 2020


OMG Aleyna ...
so sad that the neighbours just abandoned their dog, and so very kind of you to adopt him. x x x

15 Jun, 2020


Seaburngirl, that building is a house with a castle shape. It is very impressive. The castle has a large hall, with an external platform that resembles a lift bridge, and a glass tower that is partially reflected in the photo. The large hall is designed for parties and events, such as weddings, corporate parties and seats more than 1000 people. All the decoration has a medieval style. The castle is located close to the lake area. We formed a group of associates from this neighborhood and at Christmas last year we made them a party, with a tree 3 meters high, all made of pine cones, and the dinner was in the Tudor style, all served in finger food. Each member contributed a sweet or savory dish and drinks. We have a craft beer maker and a mead maker. In the middle of the festivities we present a piano performance with Christmas melodies sung by a lyrical singer. For this year we are looking for a harp player.

15 Jun, 2020


You are right I believe that we are privileged to have an area where we can take a walk and see all the exuberance of nature. It is a refreshment after 5 decades working and living in a concrete jungle, facing traffic and having to look for squares in the city to see a little green.
With regard to the dog, it is sad to see how he knows the car and every time the owners come to show the house to someone interested in buying, he runs towards the house wagging his tail in happiness. All the neighbors look after him. In addition to both of us he likes to accompany the walk of the couple who live in front of our house and who have a dog, also, adopted that was taken from the streets.

15 Jun, 2020


You are right TT,
It is very sad, but he is not alone we all take care of him.

15 Jun, 2020


Yes I know the feeling of having to look out on a concrete jungle as I call it Aleyna which makes us aporeciate having a bit of greenery to look out upon .

Awe I think your old neighbours are very cuel keep coming back knowing the dog is still there how heart braking for the dog if that was here they woukd be reported to our RSPSA who then would take ciurt action against them..
So pleased to hear though he has his rounds of good neighbours and another dog friend to go walks with .

15 Jun, 2020


It is a wonderful lake on your doorstep. Water has such a calming effect and the local wildlife must love it too.

15 Jun, 2020


How wonderful to be able to look out on a lake like you can, Aleyna! Shame about the dog - they are such faithful creatures.

15 Jun, 2020


Thank you Linda for the comment. You are right watching those fishes swimming gracefully is soul refresshing.

Thank you David,
This small lake (thats why I called pond :) LOL me and my Portuguese/English) is a plus to where we dicided to buy our land. The association now is planning to have a path around the lake. So far we can just come to the south and east margin

15 Jun, 2020


Let's hope they make it soon so you can enjoy more of the pond/lake!

16 Jun, 2020


We have already obtained authorization from the environment department to set up the path that will require gravel and gravel ballast because the land is very wet on the edge of the forest. Took us 2 years to have the authorization.
All work must be done manually, as the entry of machinery can destroy the plants surrounding the lake.
We have to wait the end of the of the quarentine to wire the workers.

16 Jun, 2020


Aleyna, it might take years to get approval passed for what you want but it will be well worth it, you live in such beautiful surroundings, I think you have it all, lake, streams and in such a lovely setting, I can understand them not wanting to allow machinery over the land, I know it would be quicker but so much would be destroyed ...

16 Jun, 2020


You are right Lincslass, we have to be carefull, but I have seen very nice paths in Uruguai. In order to preserve some parts of the path they made it on stakes, 1 meter and a half above, to preserve the marsh native lilies. We have consider this in some parts of the path.

16 Jun, 2020


To everyone,
About denouncing the dog's former owners, we haven't done it yet because we fear they'll call the vet and put him to sleep. He lost his original owner, but won a group of friends. :)

16 Jun, 2020


Aleyna, this lake, I’ll agree it looks like a lake, is really beautiful to have near you. The path and walkways sound like it’s been physically hard work, plus all the time sorting out the approval. It sounds like it’ll be very rewarding in the long run, although it’s taking a long time for you and I bet it’s pretty stressful.
I have to agree with you and the others, who on Earth leaves a beautiful, loyal friend behind like this lovely dog?
All,I can say Is their loss and your gain, the little fellow will be happier in the long run. x

18 Jun, 2020


Thank you for the comment Kate

23 Jun, 2020

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