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my instructions said to waterthe plant with 1 cup of water. It didn't say to water it anymore, what do you say. Thanks my e mail address is Thanks in advance



how often do i water my amayllis, it said to give it cup of water, it did/t say anything about adding anymore

8 Jan, 2010


it will need further water as the plant grows. I usually wait til the compost starts to dry then water from the base. Dont leave it sitting in a saucer of water for more than a couple of hours thogh..
I assume this is an amyrallis bulb, starting off from dormant. when the leaves start to show it will need watering more frequently too.
welcome to GoY too.

8 Jan, 2010


Spot on folks....the first "cup of water" is enough to spur it into activity and if you keep it cool it will grow strongly. ...too warm and it will get leggy and spindly.
As SBG say - wait until the top of the compost is dry again - then give it another cup. They really do better drier than wet and hate WET feet.!! Keep it in good light but cool and it will do just fine. Feed it lightly once it has flowered to build up the bulb for next year and when it is finished flowering - in a couple of months time - just let it dry off completely.
Then watch for it to start showing a hint of life - probably about Nov.Dec and start it all up again...great fun ...I have some I've had for years..and they always reward me....maybe not AS good as first time round mind you...LOL

9 Jan, 2010

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