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Planting out Tomatoes

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My tomato plants are big enough to plant out/on. I have never grown them before. Can I plant them straight into the garden with support from canes? Or is it recommended to grow them in large pots with supports? There are numerous pests eating my veg, so am concerned that they too will get eaten! Thank you. Valerie.



Either. My neighbour grows hers in the soil (with cane supports), and she has small plastic bottles with the bottoms cut off poked upside down into the soil, like funnels, so that she can direct the water (and nutrient) straight to the roots. She has green fingers, so I look to see how she does things.

4 Jun, 2008


Tomatoes can be planted in the ground, you might try Sevan Dust (hope I spelled that correctly) to keep bugs from eating on the plants. If the plants are small, it will take a while before you get tomatoes. In North Carolina we don't actually get tomatoes till about July and we plant them usually on Good Friday in the yard (that's Friday before Easter).

5 Jun, 2008


You can plant out the tomato plants into your soil halfway through June when the nightime temperatures are above 10 degrees. You can place them out in pots but make sure that they don't dry out on the very hot days. Don't forget the take the little sideshoots out so that it gives all the energy into producing the tomatoes on the flowers. If you have a variety like Tom thumb or one of the multiproducing ones just leave them to bush. Lindak.

5 Jun, 2008

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