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Not really a question just a piece of info for folks. Now we have a better internet connection I am able to add more pictures. At present they are all of Show plants from various Alpine Garden Society shows from last year. Sadly I do not, nor cannot grorw most of them. So for more information on any plant you would be better Googling them. Wish I could own and grow even a small number of them though,,sigh!
Happy New Year too!



I've just been drooling over them Owdboggy.....I don't have any info on them though...sorry.....

30 Dec, 2009


Can you just accept that "I like" just about all of these pictures to save me marking each one individually? :-). Another couple of months and we will be back into the show season

30 Dec, 2009


Could you nominate some of the good ones for GoYpedia Mr MB

30 Dec, 2009


We sure will Bulbaholic, but may not get to the early ones myself, I am due to have an op on my foot and will unable to drive for 6 weeks minimum.
To be honest I did not expect any comment on the pictures at all, I just thought folks might like to enjoy the plants.

30 Dec, 2009


Well I certainly did.......

30 Dec, 2009


I've proposed several new GoYpedia pages to Peter and Ajay - I'll even edit them!

30 Dec, 2009


They are all wonderful and I wish I could grow every one lol.
Happy New Year :o)

31 Dec, 2009


they are wonderful pictures
I love them all:)

2 Jan, 2010


I've been very interested in your showplants pics, too, Owdboggy. Thanks to you, a great many additions have been able to be made to the ferns and allium pages on GoYpedia (primulas, too, if I remember). :-))

2 Jan, 2010


Still more to come, I think I have about 1200 of them.................

3 Jan, 2010

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