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Can you supply Bullrush multipurpose compost ,and how much is it?



bullrushes will grow in any aquatic compost. it is lower in nutrients and you should be able to buy i from most garden centres. But you will need a big expanse of watre as they are big plants.

26 Dec, 2009


Hi Battleaxe and welcome to GoY, we do not sell anything here on GoY we are a bunch of happy gardeners. Go to the GoY garden centre and do a search there.

26 Dec, 2009


'Bulrush' is a company in Northern Ireland that supply peat based composts, amongst other things. If you check the 'Garden Centre' tab at the top right of this page you may find a supplier in mainland UK.

26 Dec, 2009


I used this brand last year and thought it was quite good, but when the garden centre sold out they did not re-order as the price had gone up.

26 Dec, 2009


thanks for that ba. I didnt know that.

26 Dec, 2009

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