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self fertile kiwi


By Rastus

devon, United Kingdom

my 5 year old kiwi has never flowered
should i get rid of it



My 2-3 year old one has never flowered either. I.m assuming that they take a long time to mature and flower, but I don't know. Maybe someone else will.

3 Jun, 2008


Try feeding it june july august. I read if it was propagated from young plant in nursery instead of mature plant it may take 5 years to flower instead of 3. I believe i have heard kiwis are male and female the males only flower but do not produce fruit so you will need both to produce fruit. Im not an expert i only know a little because my mother grows kiwis - but in italalian mountains. I would give a little more time before giving up on it, once mature they seem to be indestructable. We have tried to cut some of my mums down as patio was becoming a jungle but they just keep coming back.

3 Jun, 2008


I read in kitchen garden magazine that if yous is a 'jenny' (female) you will need to plant a male and your plant needs to be in a south south west facing position. Kiwis planted outside mature late so you may not see friut until 5 years.

4 Jun, 2008


My neighbor has a female kiwi on a stand above his mail box (huge), it flowered this year for the first time, I believe it was planted 3 years ago. His male kiwi is very small, planted a year ago, but is needed to produce fruit which will take probably two more years he says, not sure if the male will flower but it has to have something I would guess to make fruit, don't you think. :-) Also, you need to know that kiwi grows all over the place, once it takes off it just grows everywhere if not on a support of some kind. I grew one on a pregola and eventually cut it down because it took over.

5 Jun, 2008

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