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By Harli

Washington, United States Us

In early Spring I had a large clump of grape hyacinths that bloomed and died. Now in the same spot I have this huge plant with tons of buds and I don't know what it is. I think the grape hyacinth plant must still be under this somewhere. Any ideas appreciated.




Harli. I suspect that they are small Alliums which will be white. If not, they may be wild garlic! Wait until the buds open and then we will know. Both of these grow from small bulbs, so it's not one big plant, it's lots of little ones in a clump! Your Grape Hyacinths grow from bulbs, and they have 'done what comes naturally', the leaves have died back to make the bulbs strong for next spring.

3 Jun, 2008


Thank you spritzhenry, I shall wait and see. It's been quite fun seeing what has bloomed out of the most disgusting looking plants in the Winter. You were one who suggested I wait and see before removing things I didn't think I would like and that was very sound advice. Thank you.

3 Jun, 2008

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