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My trained pear tree fruits well but every year, small holes, up to a centemeter in size, appear in most of them, near the stalk, causing them to rot and fall off. Is this caused by birds or wasps, and what can I do about it? Many thanks for your replies. However I know that it is not codling moth, as this would be maggot damage from inside, which this is not. I have clean holes, about 1 cm diameter, near the stalks, from the outside. The inside of the pears is clean.



Thanks for any help.

2 Dec, 2009


wasps feed on ripe fruit , I don't think it is them,I think that it is codling moth' treatment' spray with fenitrothion' permethrin' or pirimiphosmethyl' in mid june repeat in three weeks, later place bands of sacking around trunk and large branches, in late july, to trap overwintering larvea remove and burn them in november, pheromone traps placed in tree in mid may catches male moths reducing mating. hope that helps.

2 Dec, 2009


Might well be insect or bird damage, especially if the fruits are nearly ripe when they're getting damaged. All the other things that affect pears have other symptoms, such as maggots, holes bored right to the centre of the fruit, early drop, distortion, etc., so it does sound like its something simple. The only thing you can try is netting the tree once the fruit has formed and is swelling to keep both birds and insects off - large, old, net curtains do this job very well - doesn't look pretty, but you'll have pears at the end of it! Otherwise I believe you can buy something designed to do the job, but it needs to be quite fine mesh to keep out flying insects such as wasps.

2 Dec, 2009


that will not stop codling moth Bamboo, and they do attack pear as well as apple,

2 Dec, 2009


Yea they do, Cliffo, but then there'd be holes bored right through to the core of the pears - this doesn't sound like that at all. And anyway, I'm in favour of pheremone traps for codling moth - they work pretty well, and no insecticides.

2 Dec, 2009


Many thanks for your suggestions. As I am new to this web page, I have added to my question above, as I did not know how to find this space until after I submitted my update. Thanks again (fresh) Fisherman.

3 Dec, 2009


Looks like the netting then ...

3 Dec, 2009

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