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coco-lined planters

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I put a mature pothos in a coco lined hanging planter and it fared badly (did fine in a plastic pot), lost maybe a third to half of it's leaves. I like the way hanging plants look in them but now I'm hesitant to use them with any plants I really care about--afraid I'll lose them. Are there any tricks to successfully using these things, any type of prepping you have to do before putting your plants in, etc? Any info on the best way to use coco-lined planters for indoor or outdoor plants would be appreciated. Thank you. --Pam in Mass



Coco liners drain really quickly, and would be a shock to your plant if it is used to the plastic pot. You can line the coco liner (I know it sounds silly...) with plastic, cut a few drain holes in the plastic and see how your plant likes it. I have the same problem with having to line wicker baskets. Too much exposure of air to the roots, too much fast drainage.

2 Jun, 2008


my dad uses a piece of plastic and NEW babies disposable nappy inside. the nappy (cheap ones will do) has water retaining stuff!!! it acts like a resivoir.

2 Jun, 2008

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